Schools and Holiday Care Centres


Circus is a fantastic education tool for the classroom. Experienced circus trainers are available to teach one-off workshops during school or outside school hours.

Excellent teacher student ratios in circus classes ensure:

  • safe practice and a quality teaching experience for all
  • space requirements are met
  • specialised equipment can be shared around and is not damaged
  • the group remains focused
  • individual needs are met

For large groups, a rotation program is recommended allowing students to participate in the training over the course of a day eg. groups of 10-20 students.

Claire’s Circus School also offers professional development for teachers. Please contact Claire on 0439 532 299 or via email to discuss the possibilities.


Circus is a great holiday or after-school incursion for children in prep to grade 7.  Children watch a circus show and then participate in a circus class. Students develop coordination, teamwork skills and focus.

Cost is $11 per child ($11.50 per child for groups of under 20 children). Claire’s Circus School can cater for large or small centres with groups of 10-18 children participating in 30 minute sessions throughout the day. Trainers have insurance, blue cards and all the necessary gear. Contact Claire today on 0439 532 299 or via email to book an action-packed incursion.