Claire’s Circus School is a training centre for children and teenagers based in Brisbane, Queensland. Claire Ogden started the business in 2009 and has taught thousands of people all over Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Claire’s Circus School no longer offers weekly classes but can be booked to teach group classes at your location. Claire is also a professional performer and you can find out more information about her work at www.circusclaire.com.au.

Vision Statement for Claire’s Circus School

Claire’s Circus School aims to provide quality circus tuition that combines fitness and creativity. At Claire’s Circus School, trainers empower students with the aim of building confidence and promoting positive body image. Claire’s Circus School is a mobile training centre that brings circus to children and adults in Brisbane and beyond. Fees are affordable to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn circus in a fun and supportive environment. Environmentally sustainable practices are a key consideration in the planning and implementation of workshops.